Like sounds of Silence, this is another episode that is actually kind of icky. 

Let's start the beginning: Chirp: (Listening to a robin sing-note that chirp herself is a robin) What a beautiful song! Did you hear that, Quack? Quack: (Thinking Chirp is talking about his song) I did! Wrote it! Sang it! Heard it!...Glad you liked it!  Chirp: (Annoyed) Not your song! (Her face lights up) The robin song! It was like...spring...the meaning of spring...(Keep in mind chirp is a robin) Quack: That? Gimmee-up Gimme-up CHIRP CHIRP! (Doing a harsh imitation of the song the adult robin just sang) That-that's not a song. This is a song: ~Ducks are good! Ducks are best! Ducks are doo-dee-da then all the rest yeah!~ A song has words. Robins can't do that. (Let me state it again, just in case you missed it before: Chirp is a robin. He is telling her straight to her face that the signature song of robins, her species, and all robins like her, cannot sing, and that what she just heard and admired was not a song.) Chirp: Yes, we can! ~Oh, I'm a red robin and I'm singing this song! So I just proved that you are wrong!~  Quack: (Flustered and angry) *Spluttering* Y-You can't sing! You're not a duck. See, this is a song. See, here we go: This is a son: This is a song! It's made by a duck! If you're not a duck then your song is all wrong! 

Let's set something straight that the episode seems to gloss over: CHIRP HAD EVERY SINGLE DARN RIGHT YOU CAN DANG WELL THINK OF TO BE SUPREMELY, MASSIVELY, UNBELIEVABLY, EXTRAORDINARILY HURT AND OFFENDED BY ALL OF THIS. It would be one thing if they were arguing over who could sing better, but when their HERITAGE got involved-and keep in mind that the three title characters are all very heavily anthropomorphised humans, and all of Quack's rhetoric that I bolded stinks of some real world human rhetoric that I am nervous to even merely look up. This is disgusting! The rest of the episode shows Quack and Chirp dueling it out over song, and it gradually evolves into a personal battle. But keep in mind that Chirp was NOT upset at Quack until he started spouting his quasi-supremacist rhetoric about HIS OWN species being the superior singers, the only ones who could sing properly if at all, but when he did, that put her on the defense. (Naturally) being a juvenile robin who doesn't have any real parental figures of her own species to look to, Chirp would probably feel very alone and victimized in Quack's dialogue. Of course she's going to want to prove him wrong, but doesn't have anyone to tell her the proper way to deal with this is to not engage Quack and if feasible cut off ties from him and his toxic attitude entirely. Peep is portrayed as in the right for treating the real issues as their 'unnecessary conflict' I love Peep, but he is a four year old boy with a capacity to be wrong, and this is something he is very wrong about. Something that at his young age, he doesn't even have the capacity to fully understand.

And that's it for Soap Opera.

Story: 7/10 THemes: -10/10

Characters: 0/10

Overal: -1/10


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