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The startup of The Windy Day

The Windy Day is the sixth episode of the first season along with the episode Peep Feet which comes right after it. The Windy Day first aired on April 19th of 2004. The episode is written by Kathy Waugh and storyboarded by Greg Hill.


The episode starts out by showing a apple tree on a hill being blown by the wind as well as several leaves. The animals have fun in the wind and Chirp uses the wind in hopes that it will help her fly. Chirp accidentally trips on her branch and falls onto Quack. Peep tells Chirp that him and Quack are going to the playground and Peep asks Chirp if she would like to play. Chirp declines at first but then realizes that several things on the playground could help her fly so she decides to go.

At the playground, the Raccoon tells Chirp that he can help her fly. Chirp first tries the slide, which fails to help her fly, and then the see-saw four times which also fails to help her fly and results in her body feeling sore. While walking home, a strong gust of wind appears and lifts Chirp into the air. After bumping Chirp on the ground a couple of times, the wind tosses her into a high tree. Quack and Peep do not know how to get Chirp out of the tree and Chirp tells the two to go and that she will sleep overnight in the tree and find a way out in the morning.

Peep goes off into the deep dark woods to get help and Quack follows Peep. Peep wakes up Hoot and tells her of Chirp being trapped in the tree. Hoot goes off to help Chirp and finds the tree where she is trapped on. Hoot flies Chirp home and then flies away. The episode ends with Chirp dreaming of the day when she would fly around the moon all by herself.

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