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The Template:Navbox is used to help viewers of Peep and the Big Wide World Wiki pages easily find their way around articles of similar interest. Since it is used on almost all pages, it is locked so that only sysops can edit the code. Any user, however, can discuss changes on the template's talk page and edit this code by visiting the documentation.


The full navbox code that can be used is as follows. It should be the basic outline used on another template page to prevent confusion for other editors when they try to edit that particular page.

|style= background:; width:100%
|titlestyle= background:; color:;
|groupstyle= background:; color:; width:; font-size:;
|liststyle= background:; color:; font-size:;


  • Name defines the name of the template. (needed to make the little navbar at the top work)
  • Style refers to the overall style that the template should be done in.
    • Background is meant for the line colour, to be put in between the colon and the semicolon.
    • Width adjusts the width of the overall template. If "show/hide" links are used, it should be kept to 100%
  • Titlestyle allows editors to customize the appearance of the top bar where the template's title will go.
    • Background is for the background heading colour.
    • Color is for the colour of the title text.
  • Groupstyle customizes the groups in the template (categories that all pages should be organized in).
    • Background adjusts the background colour of the group categories.
    • Color changes the text colour.
    • Width will change how wide the groups boxes will be. The width will be given in %, where a bigger number means a wider width.
    • Font-size changes the size of the text for the groups, given in %.
  • Liststyle lets users change the style of the lists, which is where the links go. They can be customized the same way "Groupstyle" can, except for the width.
  • Title gives the text that will be the title of the template. It can be different from the template name if necessary.
  • Image allows users to put an image that will be seen on the right of the template.
  • State adjusts the state the template will be put in. See "About State" below.
  • Group1, group2, etc. is used to define the categories for the navbox template. In this case, it will be tags such as "Interactive Objects", "Enemies", etc.
  • List1, list2, etc. is for the links area. Separate links using a space, Template:* and a space.
  • Below allows for text to be put at the bottom of the template. It can also be customized using "belowstyle" after "liststyle" like "Groupstyle".

The template can hold up to 20 categories and lists.


Can be set to "autocollapse", "uncollapsed", "collapsed" or "plain".

  • "autocollapse" leaves tables collapsed if there is more than one of these on the same page. If none, the table will be uncollapsed.
  • "uncollapsed" leaves template uncollapsed.
  • "collapsed" leaves template in a collapsed state when page is first loaded.
  • "plain" removes the "hide/show" links and leaves table uncollapsed.

If no state is filled in, the template will be set to autocollapse.


  • Customizing the colour of the links is possible, however, this involves customizing the colour of every individual link. Therefore, since all links on this Wiki are coloured blue, they should be kept to a lighter shade of a particular colour.
  • This template will not look proper if no styles are specified.
  • Do not substitute this template when using it.
  • The template code will accept colour names such as red, green, yellow, etc. For more specific shades of those particular colours, a HEX code can be added. A colour picker with HEX codes can be found here and also at Peep and the Big Wide World Wiki's colour index.

Creating show/hide links

Template:Navbox can also have show/hide links which allow the tables to be collapsed and uncollapsed, making pages look less busy. If show/hide links do not work or cannot be seen, please ensure you have Javascript installed on your computer.


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