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The title card of Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather is the eight episode of the fifth season along with the episode Peep in Rabbitland which comes right after it. Stormy Weather first aired on April 21 of 2004. The episode is written by Joe Fallon and storyboarded by Mike Czunyoscka.


The episode starts out by showing a light blue sky with green hills in the background and two white flowers with yellow centers in the foreground being blown by the wind. Peep, Chirp, and Quack take advantage of the good weather and decide to have a perfect day. After doing several activities, the three start to sun themselves.

Clouds being to cover the sky but the three believe they will just move away. The three then notice that the clouds are not moving away and go to find their friends to figure out why the day is so clouds. The three birds search for their friends but cannot find them and while puzzling over where they might be they encounter thunder. Not knowing what thunder is, the birds run terrified to Peep's can. Because of the size of the can the three get placed in a uncomfortable position and Peep worries that the horrible weather will never end. Quack tells Peep they need to find a new place to live. Peep hesitates to go but finally does.

While going to find a new home Peep tells Chirp they should say goodbye to Nellie first. Chirp disagrees saying that Nellie is probably gone as well but she instead goes along with Peep's idea since him and Quack begin to cry and look sorrowful. The birds find out that Nellie has not disappeared and Nellie invites them into her dog house. Nellie explains that Peep, Chirp, and Quack's friends are not gone but are hiding from the rain and reassures Peep that the rain storm will indeed end. Nellie explains to the birds about the benefits of the rain storm and also how it makes the air smell better. The birds enjoy playing in the puddles and the episode ends with Quack swimming around in a pond with Chirp on top of him and making comments about the water and Peep's can.


  • Peep cries for the first time in this episode.
  • Nellie talks backwards for the first time in this episode because when Nellie is explaining the benefits of the storm, she is re-using the voice clip for "Everyone's just hiding from the rain," but instead, she says it backwards. Reversing the audio makes it more clear.
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