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Quack's stuck stick image

The start up of Quack's Stuck Stick

Quack's Stuck Stick is the ninth episode of the first season along with the episode Peep's Can which comes right after it. Quack's Stuck Stick was first aired on April 22 of 2004. The episode is written by Joe Fallon and directed by Gabriela Godoy. Beaver Boy, Beaver Dad, and Beaver Mom make their first appearances in this episode.


The episode opens with Peep whistling and walking on a grassy, flower covered hill. Peep hears a strange sound while walking and goes to find out what it is. Peep comes to a pond and discovers the sound was a beaver gnawing on a tree. The beavers drag the tree into the pond and place it on top of their beaver dam. A young beaver tells Peep not to get to close while the beavers are working and explains to Peep what the tree is being used for. The young beaver goes looking for sticks and Peep comes with him and then starts to watch the beavers work. Meanwhile Quack discovers a pinwheel. Quack and Chirp use the pinwheel for various activities and eventually for a finish line in a race. The young beaver finds the pinwheel unattended and takes it to use for the beaver dam.

Chirp and Quack come back and look for the stick but can't find it. Peep comes along when the two stop searching and Peep tells the two where there are many sticks in his effort to help the two out. While searching through the pile of sticks near the beaver dam, Quack spots the pinwheel in the beaver dam. Quack pulls out the pinwheel and the younger beaver takes it back and pushes it into the hole and this goes back and forth multiple times. After the hole not being plugged for a long time, a fountain of water spouts which alerts the younger beavers parents. The young beaver's parents plug up the leak with some mud and then resolve the conflict between Quack and the young beaver. The young beaver apologizes to Quack and the beaver's parents tell their son he can help build the beaver dam. The beaver begins to look for the perfect stick and Quack lets the beaver have the pinwheel. The beaver takes it gratefully and places it in the dam. The episode ends with Quack, Peep, and Chirp sitting on a hill watching the beaver dam.


  • This episode is the first episode to have directed instead of storyboard in the opening credits.
  • Quack blushes several times in this episode. (Too adorable!)
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