Peep and the Big Wide World is a 1988 remake of The Peep Show.

Set in the country, a young girl routinely collects eggs from a chicken yard. One day, an egg falls out of her basket, hits a little stone and hatches into Peep. Peep discovers his abilities to speak "peep" and stand up which causes him much excitement that he faints, but is later revived by the falling rain. He didn't know what water is, Peep's attempt at observing it leads to her tasting it and then pursuing water farther off with his newfound ability of walking. Peep accidentally walks into a large pond due to becoming overexcited but is quickly saved by a nearby duck named Quack. Quack decides to befriend Peep and greets him with by saying "quack" and is puzzled when Peep responds with "peep". After inquiring and hearing that Peep came from an egg, Quack denies this and insists Peep should be able to say "quack" if that were so. Quack then swims away and Peep in efforts to prove her origin, collects the fragments of her egg together then swims after Quack and bursts out of the egg, which proves successful. By Quack's wishes the two swim over to green island, where apparently only ducks are allowed. Peep was thinking something over and then shortly after landing encounter a robin named Chirp who falls from the sky. Quack then harshly states to the robin that only ducks are allowed on green island, thus leading Chirp to point out that Peep is a chicken and Peep later accepts this. Peep then tells Chirp about the big wide world is like. Suddenly, Quack points out that since Chirp cannot fly and that they are on an island, she cannot see the big wide world, but Quack can for he can swim and Quack begins to head off. Peep then calls for Quack and makes an agreement that since all of them want to see the big wide world, Quack should carry Peep and Chirp across the water while Chirp can tell them what it is like in the air when she is able to fly, and Peep himself may eventually be able to do something useful. This pleases all of the them and the three birds head out to see the big wide world as three figures in the distant move to the shore of green island. Just as they marched on green island, they stopped at the edge of it. Quack then moves backwards and jumps into the water to make sure the water is lovely. Chirp tells Peep if he can go fast and Peep answered. Peep puts his eggshell onto the water and jumps on it leaving Chirp behind on the shore. Chirp isn't sure if she liked the water, but she wanted to go with her new friends. She then decided to be brave and test the water with her foot, but she ran away behind the tree and then looked at her friends that she didn't like the water because it's wet for her. Quack then tells her how to get her across. Chirp decided to fly to go higher and higher, but she fell into the water. Chirp run as fast she can and made it on the shore feeling out of breath. She won't be able to fly. Peep then tells Chirp that he and Quack can go to the main land and explore. Quack will help something for Chirp to get her across the water. Chirp tells Quack that she will never be forgotten and wanted to see the big wide world. Peep and Quack then swims away from green island. Quack stopped on the other side of the land and Peep bumps into Quack. Quack told Peep he'll explore the coast and Peep would go in land, but won't get lost. Peep then sets off the way to find a way to help Chirp get across the water. He walked up the hills, down the valleys, through the forest, across the plains until he came to a perfect lookout. He looked east, west, north, south, up and down. Suddenly, he spied something inside the brown bag that moved. Peep then hears a "THUD" on a perfect lookout and jumped. He was very puzzled when she got down from her perfect lookout and went to see what is was. He then speaks "peep" twice until he hears a "meow" of a kitten and speaks "peep" again. A kitten then smells Peep and know him what he was. Peep introduced to the kitten saying that he is a chicken (which is a bird). A kitten asks Peep again to make sure that he is alone. Peep tells the kitten that he has two bird friends (Quack the duck and Chirp the robin) the they're all birds and can't fly. A kitten then asks Peep again to make sure where his friends are. Peep told the kitten that Chirp is stuck on green island because she can't swim and Quack and Peep are looking a way to bring Chirp across. A kitten introduced himself that his name is Tom and he'll be glad to help Peep. Tom then got an idea. He decided to use the log to float Chirp across the water. Peep asks Tom how it get it across. Tom told to Peep that it's easy to push it. Tom pushed the log, but it didn't work. Peep then rolls the log with his foot. Off the went pushing the log across the plains, through the forest, down the valleys and up the hills until they stopped. Peep calls for Quack to introduce Tom the kitten that who can help get Chirp across the water. Quack asks Tom to make sure if he swims. Tom asks Quack that where green island is. Quack looks behind. Tom pushes to tell Quack the watch out. Peep then jumps up while the log is rolling down the hill. The log splashed and sank into the water. Quack then looked at the water to make sure where the log is and then log floats up and hits Quack in his bottom. Quack moved the log up feeling angry. Tom told Quack the bring the log closer to Peep and Tom and then he tells Peep to climb on board to get Chirp across the water. Quack is the outboard motor, Peep is the navigator and Tom is the skipper. Quack kicks his feet to move the log closer to green island where Chirp is. Back on green island, Chirp wondered if Peep and Quack had forgotten her. Just then, her eyes popped out that the log coming closer bringing a kitten. She is very scared of it and calls for help. Peep then tells Quack to speed up the log that Chirp is in danger. Tom tells Quack to speed the log up, too. Chirp calls for help again. Peep then calls to Chirp that they are coming to get her. Tom then added that he said the same thing as Peep. Chirp calls for help again. Peep and Quack wondered why that Chirp was very upset. Chirp then tries to fly away from green island, but she landed on the log. Chirp tries to run away from Tom, but that kept the log rolling and rolling. Chirp flies up away from Tom. Peep also calls for help. Chirp calls for help again, but landed in the water. Tom meowed for help, but landed in the water. The log float up and hit Peep is his bottom. Chirp and Tom run away as fast as they can that the water is wet for them until they made it to the edge of the green island. Chirp and Tom were out of breath when the made it to the shore and they felt happy. Robins and kittens don't like the water. Peep shouted to Chirp to introduce Tom that he likes birds. Chirp then tells Tom if there is more birds up top of the tree. Yum for Tom. Tom ran up to the tree and Chirp ran down to the log. She then shouted to thank Tom for bringing her across the water. Tom then slides down a little bit on the tree and looks down at the three bird friends. Just then, a pink butterfly came to him. Tom tries to catch the butterfly, but flew away a little. He tries to catch it again, but still the pink butterfly flew a little again. Peep asks Chirp that they should wait for Tom, but Chirp told Peep not to wait that Tom is happy with his pink butterfly (Sometimes, cat can be troubled for birds). Quack said that Tom doesn't come out from an egg. Peep, Chirp and Quack finally sailed off to see the big wide world. Quack is the outboard motor, Peep is the navigator and Chirp is the passenger. Just as the three bird friends happily ride along and across the water, they struck Pierre the very cautious and careful turtle. Quack asks Pierre that what he is. Pierre introduced himself the he is a cautious and careful turtle. Peep asks Pierre that Pierre should take Peep, Chirp and Quack to the big wide world. Pierre answered with his French accent that he felt sorry and then felt shocked. He said he wouldn't go to that place himself, but wished to take Peep, Chirp and Quack across the water to the shore and told them to be careful. As Pierre hides into his turtle shell, Peep tells Quack and Chirp to go see the big wide world. Peep then thanked Pierre to bring them to the shore. Just as the three bird friends walked along which each other if haven't gone too far, Peep tripped over a ladybug and felt excused. The ladybug struggles to get up on its own. Peep then flips the ladybug up (like straightening it) with his beak. The ladybug then grouched at Peep to make sure who he is. Peep introduced himself and tells the ladybug that his friends (Quack and Chirp) are going to see the big wide world. The ladybug grouched again at Peep to make sure if it's impossible to stand on two feet and walked away. Peep wondered that two feet are not enough and looked over to his friends that Chirp and Quack wondered about this, too. Just then, they felt dizzy and fell leaning against one another. They tried to walk away, but they are spinning clockwise. They tried to walk away again, but they are spinning counter clockwise. Suddenly, a spider appeared that she grouched at the three bird friends to make sure if it's impossible to walk on six legs. The bird friends then looked at each other. Chirp said it is ridiculous, but Quack said the his friends are big enough to walk on two feet. Off they go! They marched again to see the big wide world. Just as they marched along, they bump into each other to stop. In front of them sat a big frog. Peep stepped forward and notices the frog the way to the big wide world. The frog blinked thoughtfully and answered with a "ribbit ribbit ribbit". Peep was puzzled and tells the frog which way it is. The answered again with a "ribbit ribbit ribbit". The three bird friends were confused about this. Quack asked the frog that it's along the water. Chirp asked the frog that it's over the hills. The frog answered one more time with a "ribbit ribbit ribbit", chuckles and hops away from the three birds. Quack said to Chirp to go along the water, but Chirp argued with Quack that the way is over the hills. Quack argued with Chirp to go along the water. Chirp argued back that the way is over the hills. Peep got a little frightened that Chirp and Quack both had an argument until he tells them to calm down. Just then, the wind blew as the three bird friends fly through the air. The wind blew up over the hills, through the forest, across the water and along the plains until they ended up against a wall. Peep said "peep", Quack said "quack" and Chirp said "chirp". They looked behind and Chirp pointed that it is a wall. As they looked at a wall, the monsters on the wall slowly crept up on a wall. Quack whispered to Peep to make sure who is that. The monsters grew, grew, grew and grew into big monsters. The monsters swallowed up the wall and then the whole big wide world. They couldn't see anything. Chirp shivered first that she said she's cold. Quack shivered next that he said he's scared. Peep shivered last that he said he's tired. They huddled along and shivered together. They wished they never left green island. Suddenly, the big black started shaking. Chirp shouted to make sure if it's a earthquake as the three birds friends ran away from it. The wall then stopped shaking. Something yawned, banged, tongue clicked and sniffed at the three birds friends. Then, the eye of a dog looked left and right. Quack shouted to run away to make sure if it's a huge cat, but Chirp said it's a dog. They shivered together while the dog keeps sniffing a t the three bird friends. The dog notices that the three poor bird friends are afraid and told them to come to her house. A moment later, they snuggled together and the dog said "I'm Nellie the country dog". The three bird friends are no longer afraid and started asking questions. Peep asked Nelly that who are the three monsters on the wall. Nellie then answered that it was your own shadows. Chirp asked that why did the big wide world go black. Nellie answered again that the sun went down. Peep asked Nellie what the sun is. Nellie tells the three bird friends that the sun is a fiery ball in the sky that shines on the big wide world. Quack then asks Nellie about where does the sun go down. Nellie answered again the sun goes around and comes back up again tomorrow. Peep asks Nellie about what does the big wide world look like. Nellie then answered the big wide world is round when she picks up her ball that looks like the big wide world. The three bird friends kept asking a lot more and more questions until they suddenly noticed Nellie was asleep. The three birds friends then looked up and the nighttime sky from the cozy doghouse. The sky is full of stars. Peep said to look at something in the sky. Then, something appeared in the nighttime sky. Quack tells Chirp to make sure what it is. Chirp tells Quack that it's the moon. Peep asked Chirp to make sure what the moon is. They all looked at the moon for a while until it looks different. Quack thinks it's a big egg. Peep said to Quack that maybe the big wide world was the big egg, too. This seemed such a good idea that Peep, Quack and Chirp all fell sound asleep in the cozy doghouse of Nellie the country dog.

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