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The startup of Peep Feet

Peep Feet is the sixth episode of the first season along with the episode The Windy Day which comes before it. Peep Feet first aired on April 19th of 2004. The episode is written by Joe Fallon and storybaorded by Greg Hill.


The episode starts out by showing a light blue sky, a yellow sun, and the top of a tree. The camera pans down to show Chirp eating a cherry. Chirp sees that Peep and Quack are acting strange and goes over to investigate. Chirp discovers that Peep and Quack are trying to giver out how much more taller Quack is than Peep. Chirp gives a measurement that neither Peep and Quack understand and then suddenly Tom comes along demanding the birds move out of his sun.

Seeing that he is getting nowhere, Tom tells the birds that a beautiful flower is blooming six steps past raven's ravine. The birds get to raven's ravine and take six steps but they don't find the flower. While going angrily back home, the three encounter a rabbit who tells the birds that the flower is two hops from raven's ravine. Once again, the same thing happens at raven's ravine and the birds go back but then discover a inchworm that tells the three that the flower is thirty squirms from raven ravine. The birds go back but the same thing happens. While going back this time, Quack's hat blows away and Peep goes to find it.

The hat ends up hanging from a plant and Peep attempts to grab it but falls on the ground. While on the ground Peep looks up and discovers the flower that Tom, the rabbit, and the inchworm were talking about. Peep measures carefully the distance to the flower and meets up with Quack and Chirp and tells them he has a surprise. Peep measures the distance back to the flower and discovers that each of his friends measured differently the distance to the flower. On the way back, Peep creates a way of measuring called Peep feet and finds a stick that is the exact length of his foot. Chirp uses the stick to measure how much bigger Quack is than Peep. The episode ends with the birds walking away and commenting on the measurement.