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Peep crosses the road

The start up of Peep Crosses the Road

Peep Crosses the Road is the seventh episode of the first season along with episode Newton's Big Adventure which comes before it. This episode is written by Kathy Waugh and storyboarded by Greg Hill. Peep Crosses the Road was first aired on April 20 of 2004.


The episode starts by showing a light blue sky and a bright yellow sun with two clouds close by. A butterfly flutters onto the scene and the camera slowly pans downward to show a grassy area with a few white flowers. While marching, Quack tells Peep and Chirp the joke of 'why did the chicken cross the road'. Peep and Chirp are unable to guess the answer so they ask Quack what it is. Quack has forgotten the punchline for his joke and tries all morning to remember what it was.

Some time later Peep decides, since he is a chicken, that he will cross the road to discover the punchline of Quack's joke. Peep, Quack, and Chirp make their way to a road and Peep crosses it. Peep is forced to stay on the opposite side of the road until the traffic clears. After waiting some time for the traffic to clear, Peep trips on a crack which sends him onto a grate. Peep falls through the grate and lands in a pool of water far below it.

Peep climbs out of the water and tries to use a leaf to get out of the storm drain but the leaf cannot hold him and ends up filling with water and sinking. Peep is pushed to shore and decides that he will need something bigger then the leaf in order to get home. Peep sees a nearby rock and uses some leaves as stepping stones to get to it but finds out that the rock wont move. Peep looks for more things to help him and eventually finds a piece of bark which he uses to exit the storm drain.

A small waterfall marks the end of the Peep's time on the piece of bark as he jumps off it just in time as the bark would have started a much more dangerous course. Peep shortly finds Quack and Chirp again who are talking with Nellie. While walking home, Nellie questions Peep why he crossed the road. Peep replies that he did to get to the other side. Quack immediately remembers the punchline to his joke which was the exact words Peep said. The episode ends with Peep, Chirp, and Quack walking into the distance with Nellie following them and Quack still persisting in changing Chirp's mind to hear the other joke he has to say.


  • Oddly, skateboards appear on the road despite skateboards not being allowed on the road.
  • This episode is one of the rare cases in which people are actually seen in it.
  • Quack cries for the first time in this episode.
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