Peep's favourite tree
Peep's favourite tree in bloom
Peep's favourite tree in bloom

Within' sight of Peep's can



Peep's favourite tree is a location in Peep and the Big Wide World.


Peep's favourite tree has six branches and its bark is light brown (but dark brown in winter). From the branches of Peep's favourite tree leaves grow that are small and green leaves when the leaves are still growing, dark green and twice as large when they are fully grown, and orange, greenish brown, and light orange in autumn. When Peep's favourite tree is in bloom, it has small popcorn-shaped flowers on it that are attached to the tree by black stems that possibly either start out pink and change to white when the leaves grow bigger.


Peep's favourite tree made its debut in the episode Spring Thing. Peep's favourite tree is located on a hill within' sight of Peep's can. Chirp, Quack , and Peep can easily get into its lower branches and it will bend if to much weight is put on it. If Peep and Chirp are on one branch, the branch will not bend but if Peep, Chirp, and Quack are on one branch then it will bend.

Episode appearances

  • Spring Thing - Peep's favourite tree is seen near the start of the episode with bare branches, as the episode is set in winter, but later is seen in Peep, Chirp, and Quack's flashbacks when it had leaves and blossoms. The tree is then seen in Peep's flashback when loses its leaves in autumn as Peep tries in desperation to stick the leaves back on. When things are finally seen growing again, the tree is seen with small green leaves . It is possible Peep's favourite tree appears near the end of the episode with pink blossoms as the colour of the bark, the shape and colour of the leaves, and the blossoms are similarly shaped to Peep's favourite tree when it is in bloom and leaves were still growing.


  • It is also Peep's great home.


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