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Night ligte imeg

The opening of Night Light

Night Light is the fifth episode of the first season along with the episode Sounds Like... which comes after it. Night Light first aired on April 16th of 2004 and is written by Joe Fallon with the storyboard by Greg Hill. Hoot makes her debut in this episode.


The episode begins by showing a cloudy sky with two trees in front of it. Clouds completely cover the moon and a dragonfly comes from between the two trees. The dragonfly avoids several objects that it nearly hits and ends up hitting Quack and then quickly flies away. Quack wakes up and realizes the sun hasn't risen. Quack goes to find Peep and accidentally flips Peep's can over and sends Peep out. Quack alerts Peep to the fact that the sun hasn't risen and the two birds go to find Chirp. Quack decides to lead Peep into where he thinks Chirp is. Quack runs into several objects and finally into a flashlight which he gets on top of by using Peep as a stair.

Quack accidentally trips on a switch on the flashlight and turns it on. Quack rejoices at the light and accidentally jumps on the switch and turns the flashlight off. Peep tells Quack to press the switch again and the flashlight turns on. Peep discovers that he and Quack are in the dump. Peep and Quack begin to play with their shadows and try to make shadows bigger then each others. Peep succeeds in this and the two then begin to move around so that their shadows appear differently. Peep even twerks XD

Quack rolls a pocket watch into the light and then figures out that by turning the watch he projects the light from the flashlight. Quack uses the light to find Chirp and then run off to Chirp after securing the stopwatch. Quack wakes Chirp up and then tells her about the sun disappearing. Chirp directs Quack to the sun that just begins to rise. For the rest of the day, Quack tries to catch up on the sleep he missed out on. Peep holds a leaf over Quack so that the shadow blocks out some of the sun. The episode ends showing a close up of Peep holding the leaf.

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