Joan Cusack the Narrator
Joan Cusack who voices the narrator


Episode debut:

Spring Thing

Voice actor:

Joan Cusack

The narrator is a character in Peep and the Big Wide World and appears in all episodes.


The narrator does not have a physical appearance but is instead a voice.


The narrator appears in all episodes but instead of being represented by an image, the narrator is simply the voice of Joan Cusack. As the name implies, the narrator narrates episodes and is mostly heard giving an introduction to episodes, explaining characters motives, or helping to move the story along. Though usually not the case, the narrator has been shown in some episodes interacting with the characters by either arguing with them or characters breaking the fourth wall by acknowledging the narrator.

Notable appearances

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  • Newton's Big Adventure - Near the start of the episode, the narrator remarks that "Newton thought of all the things that he had never seen before" causing Netwon to ask how he could think of things he has never seen. The narrator then remarks, in an annoyed emphatic tone, that Newton will not see anything unless he moves and Newton acknowledges this.
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