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Mattress is a interactive object in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


The mattress is rectangular with curved edges while being light grey on the top and a darker shade of light grey on its sides. The mattress is slightly worn as in some places it is ripped so that the mattresses black spring can be seen. On the top of the mattress four buttons are seen sewn into it.


The mattress appeared in the episode Springy Thingy in which it was placed in the dump. The mattress functions as a trampoline that once any animal jumps on it, that animal will be sent high into the air.

Episode appearances

  • Springy Thingy - The mattress appeared in the early part of Springy Thingy and was later seen at the end of the episode. Peep accidentally stumbled upon the mattress while jumping off a rock in attempt to imitate a frog. After discovering his ability to jump high, Peep called Quack over to join him and later Chirp appeared attempting to also jump on the mattress. The mattress was last seen being used a trampoline by Peep, Quack, Chirp, a frog, and Newton.
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