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Jack-in-the-box is a interactive object in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


The jack-in-the-box is a brown box with black outlines of squares drawn onto it. A yellow latch is placed near the top of the box and the bottom of the lid as well as a yellow lever sticking out of one side of the box.

The weasel head that comes out of the box is brown with black eyes, a pink oval shaped nose, four black whiskers, and circular ears. Yellow material covers the back of the weasel's neck but only partly as it is ripped revealing a black curled coil spring beneath can be seen.


Jack-in-the-box appeared in the episode Springy Thingy and was first recognized by Chirp who found it in a area used for dumping. When the lever on the box is turned, the tune for the song "Pop Goes The Weasel" will play. If the lever is cranked fast, the weasel head will pop out of the box with tremendous force. Getting the weasel back into its box is difficult as Peep was unable to force it back in by pushing it downward and even when the lid was in in place over the weasel with Peep and Chirp standing on it, the weasel still fought back. Currently the weasel head has been locked in its box.

Episode appearances

  • Springy Thingy - The jack-in-the-box plays a major role in Springy Thingy and was first seen near the middle of the episode with its lid down and lever upward. Chirp, desiring to get onto the mattress Peep and Quack were on, presumed that the lever of the jack-in-the-box was how Peep and Quack got onto the mattress. When Chirp attempted to use the lever to get onto the mattress, it moved slowly downward causing music to be played.
    Quack became interested in the music and wanted Chirp to play more but when Chirp couldn't push any farther, Quack enlisted Peep to help her. Upon turning the lever more, the weasel from within the jack-in-the-box was released and sent Quack flying off of it. Peep, Chirp, and Quack believed the jack-in-the-box was broken and decided to put the weasel back in which they achieved by teamwork.
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