Duck statue
Fake duck


Episode debut:

The Real Decoy


Quack's bush

Duck statue is a interactive object in Peep and the Big Wide World and a focal object in the episode The Real Decoy.


The duck statue highly resembles a male Mallard and has a long yellow bill that is attached to its partly round and dark green face. Near the top of the duck statue's head, on either side is a round black eye.

The duck has a white neck and a partly oval shaped body. The part of the duck statue's body that its neck connects to is dark brown with a pointed part at the top of the duck's body and a slightly wavy pattern at the bottom.

Most of the top half of the duck statue's body is dark green and located in the middle of the dark green part is a white feather like object. Below the feather like object is a slightly oval shaped object that is beige. Lastly, at the back of the duck statue is cylindrical object in the shape of feathers that is a darker green then the back of the duck statue and has a beige tip.


The duck statue appears in the episode The Real Decoy and resided in a box filled with packing peanuts before it was knocked onto the ground accidentally by Peep and Quack. Because of the duck statue's appearance, Quack began to show the duck statue much respect not realizing the duck statue wasn't alive. Believing the duck to be sick, Quack decided to bring it to its pond. After Quack and Peep brought it to Quack's pond and pushed it into the water, the duck began to "swim" but then flopped over on its side. Once Quack realized the duck statue wasn't a real duck, he placed it near his bush as a guard and it has remained there ever since.


  • Because of the duck statue's ability to float, it is highly probable that the duck statue is made out of wood and likely to be an actual decoy duck use for hunting.
  • The duck statue is incorrectly referred to as she despite being a statue of a male Mallard. Also, since it is not alive, it cannot have a gender.