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Current events picture

The title card of Current Events

Current Events is the fourth episode of the first season along with the episode Quack Loses His Hat which comes after it. Current Events was first aired on April 15th of 2004 and is written by Joe Fallon with the storyboard by Gabriela Godoy.


The episode starts out by showing a dripping hose. The camera pans down and to the right to show Peep, Quack, and Chirp sitting on the edge of a wading pool along with a toy boat. Peep leans forward and almost loses his balance but falls backwards and shakes the wading pool so that the boat goes into the pool water. Quack tells Peep that if Peep fell in he would save him and Quack jumps into the pool and states that nothing could beat him in water. Chirp points out that the boat did as it sails past Quack. Quack races the boat and beats it. Later, the three birds walk toward a shore and Quack tells Chirp and Peep that he is going to green island and that only swimmers can come.

Peep and Chirp watch Quack swim away to green island. Peep wishes he could swim notes that Quack swims just like a boat. Peep gets a idea the he and Chirp could get in the boat and go to green island too. Chirp tells Peep to forget it and walk away. The camera fades to show Peep pushing the toy boat. Peep pushes the boat into the water and gets on it. While sailing, Peep meets up with Chirp and tries to steer the boat to get Chirp but finds out he can't turn the boat. Chirp runs up the bank of the creek and jumps on top of a log that is suspended across it. Chirp tells Peep to jump knowing that if Peep doesn't get off the boat now that she can't help him. Peep misjudges his jump and hits his head on the log. Chirp jumps on the boat and Peep points out that now both of them can't get off.

The boat drifts into big bay and Peep worries about how his life will change on the boat. Meanwhile, on green island, Quack is shown sleeping.Quack wakes up by Peep and Chirp screaming and sees the boat in the distance. Quack swims off to help the two. Peep tells Quack they can't get back and Quack pulls the toy boat back to shore. Quack collapses in exhaustion and Peep tells Chirp and Quack what he learns about water and that he should always bring a duck with him until he understands it better. The episode ends with Quack adding to Peep's speech that it should be a duck who has had his nap and Peep smiles at this while Chirp glares.

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