Startup of bun balance

The startup of Bunny Balance

Bunny Balance is a game that is accessible by clicking the games link on Peep and the Big Wide .


A picture depicting a purple and orange bunny will fall onto the screen and the words Bunny Balance in red can be seen above the animals. Peep will shout "Bunny Balance!" and a bee will fly over the picture and the bunnies eyes will follow it and then return to how they were before as the bee flies off the screen.


  • Mouse - drag bunnies onto the see-saw and drag bunnies off the see-saw

Game play

Bunny Balance game play is endless. The players goal is to place bunnies on the see-saw to balance or make one end of the see-saw lighter or heavier depending on what the narrator says.

Interactive objects


See saws

The see-saw

Four seats are positioned on the see-saw, two on either side, the seats on the left are bright red while the seats on the right are dark blue. Beneath the seats is a rectangular board that is brown. Beneath the board are three smaller boards that are a darker shade of brown and are rectangular.

The boards of the see-saw are placed in a triangle position and are held in place by two dark grey bolts where they overlap each other. The see-saw is positioned in the middle of the screen beneath the holes that have bunnies in them. Once a bunny of any shape is dragged onto the see-saw, the see-saw will either make one end lighter or balance depending on the number of bunnies on it and how much each bunny weighs.


Bunnies come in five different types that each weigh differently but can sometimes be made to weigh the same as another bunny if placed on a certain seat of the see-saw. Sometimes the player in incapable of balancing one bunny with another as sometimes even placing two of the same bunnies on one side of the see-saw and placing a larger bunny on the opposite end will not balance the see-saw. If any bunny of the same kind is placed on one side of the seesaw and the same amount bunnies are one the same side as it is on the other and in the same seat as the one on the other side, the see-saw will balance.


  • If the player waits a certain amount of time a bee or a butterfly will fly across the screen.
  • The purple bunny looks very similar to the purple rabbit from Peep in Rabbitland.