Beaver Boy
Beaver Boy








Episode debut:

Quack's Stuck Stick


His family dam

Voice actor:

Tessa Marshall

Beaver Boy is a main character of the show Peep and the Big Wide World.


Beaver Boy is a beaver, with fur that is a cross between the dark brown of his father and the light brown of his mother. Beaver Boy's paws have three toes and are dark brown. His tail extends from the back of his body and is oval shaped. His tail is also the same colour of his paws and is divided into square-like sections.

Beaver Boy has small oval shaped ears placed a bit farther away from his face and his ears are the same colour as his fur. Beaver Boy has two white buckteeth the protrude out from underneath his upper lip. Above Beaver Boy's mouth is his nose which is black and oval shaped. Lastly, a short distance above his nose, are Beaver Boy's two circular eyes that are white with black pupils.


Beaver Boy is rather slow-witted, and has an easy-going nature. He is also responsible. Rarely does he ever express anger and he is eager to do new things. He often refers to Quack, Peep, and Chirp as "Big Blue Sailor", "Yellow Guy", and "Red Round" rather then their own names.


Beaver Boy first appeared in the episode Quack's Stuck Stick. Beaver Boy lives with his mother and his father in their family dam. Beaver Boy takes his work very seriously and often always gives other characters nicknames. Beaver Boy posses the ability to swim and can stand up on his hind legs but walks on all fours. He is shown having a fondness for bark and likes cutting down trees, so much that Peep, Quack, and Chirp had to help him control this habit. Whenever he does something for the first time he will often exclaim 'My first' and then say the name of whatever new thing he has or will do. Beaver Boy and Quack are shown as being good friends.


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